Trans Day of Visibility Statement

On Trans Day of Visibility, one of our members describes their experience living as a trans person in capitalist society! Join DSA to fight for socialism and trans liberation!

Living as a transgender person in this society it is painstakingly clear we do not have the same basic human rights as others. Also having been in poverty for the majority of my life has shown me why capitalism does not work. Recently being introduced to socialism and joining DSA, I have become aware of ways that capitalism has affected and continues to affect my life in a negative way. Being trans adds another facet to that and I see how my needs as a trans person are not being met in our capitalistic society. As a transgender individual there are many concerns that I have, all of which effect my day to day life, in regards to being trans.

I, like countless others, wish for access to affordable healthcare so I may be able to continue my transition in the way I want. So many transgender people are unable to get the hormones and/or surgeries they want to have, in order to feel more comfortable and happier in their bodies, because of lack of funds. I believe that no matter what a person should be able to transition in the way they want, despite not having the means to afford it. Being able to transition improves transgender people’s lives immensely and should not be denied due to someone not being able to pay for it. Due to this we deserve to have medicare for all implemented to ensure, among other things, trans people can access the healthcare we desperately need.

As I am sure a lot of transgender people can relate to the fact of worrying about being discriminated against; whether that being in a workplace, or when looking for housing, both essential things for living. It is still legal in many places for those in charge to deny a position in a workplace due to someone being trans. Specifically in Ohio it is prohibited to discriminate based on gender identity alone, however it is legal to discriminate based on sexual orientation, which also can apply to many trans individuals because we are often also not straight (gay, bisexual, or pansexual). As well as when looking for tenants landlords are able to deny housing because someone is trans. In Ohio it is legal for landlords to refuse someone housing because they are transgender. The fact that this is legal is horrible and further shows why it is harder for trangender people to live successfully and safely, because we are being denied necessities for living. Therefore making us more vulnerable and putting us in dangerous and difficult situations. There must be a policy forbidding the discrimination against trans folks when it comes to hiring and housing, so that we have the same opportunities to thrive as anyone else.

It is evident that landlords will use any means necessary to evict tenants. Since it is legal in Ohio for landlords to discriminate against tenants based on gender identity, trans tenants identity is used to them housing. This further contributes to trans homelessness. Having a home is a basic human right that everyone, transgender people included, deserves. In order to bring about policies and make changes it is important to organize to build tenant power.

Although it is illegal in Ohio to make hiring and firing decisions based on just gender identity alone; transphobic harassment is still very present in workplaces. It is not uncommon for  transgender people to be deadnamed or misgendered at our workplaces. Trans people deserve to be treated with decency and respect, especially in workplaces. In order to obtain our basic rights it is necessary for workers to organize unions, to hold power over our workplaces.

Trans rights are human rights. Trans people deserve access to hormones and surgeries in order to transition as part of a comprehensive universal healthcare system . Being transgender should not be a reason to be hired, fired, or denied housing. It is important for trans workers, really workers in general, to organize and fight against landlords and companies in order to secure our rights.