Solidarity with KCVG Amazon Workers

For the last several months, the workers at KCVG Amazon in Northern Kentucky have been actively organizing for a union while enduring vindictive and petty retaliation from Amazon’s management and anti-union operatives. It’s no secret that Amazon warehouse workers are expected to work 12-hour shifts at unrealistic paces with hardly any breaks. Meanwhile, Amazon rakes in billions of billions of dollars every year, which it uses to undermine safety regulations and bribe corrupt politicians to enable its cartel status. Workers have been known to suffer from various workplace injuries due to the pace of the labor they are forced to match in order to keep their jobs.This kind of mistreatment has lead to the deaths of workers, pushed beyond the brink of what any human being can handle.

While there is so much which could be said, it is with these thoughts in mind that the Democratic Socialists of America of Metro Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky chapter have come forward to issue our statement of support and solidarity for the workers at KCVG Amazon. They are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect. They deserve a living wage. They deserve to own their own labor. We support the Amazon Workers Union at KCVG!