Militancy in Frankfort

On March 12th, members of DSA Cincinnati traveled to Frankfort to join public employees rallying in defense of public pensions.

On March 12th, members of Democratic Socialists of Metro Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky traveled an hour and a half to Frankfort to join public employees rallying in defense of public pensions. Over three thousand people, rallying against the administration’s attacks on state employees, held signs & led chants against governor Matt Bevin & legislators supporting the bill, while workers time & again repeated the slogan of the protests, “A Pension is a Promise.”

Multiple speakers rallied the crowd to keep up the fight against proposed pension cuts. While the usual calls to go to the ballot box were heard, more radical talk of a walkout kept surfacing, particularly from teachers from Eastern Kentucky. Speaker Mickey McCoy evoked this possibility, telling the crowd: “If we talk the talk, we gotta be ready to walk the walk.”

The demonstration as a whole was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Emboldened workers stormed the Commonwealth’s capitol building on a chilly weekday afternoon, proving themselves a force to be reckoned with as the Kentucky legislature debates the future of their livelihoods. DSA member Molly, who was in attendance at Frankfort, reported: “Standing in solidarity with these budding revolutionaries, I was overwhelmed by not only the comrades I had arrived with, but with the comradery being created among these once strangers hell bent upon securing a future for themselves and all those committed to work they so passionately do. Standing in solidarity with teachers fighting for their own security, we strengthen our own solidarity as a DSA chapter. When we stand with others, our own bonds are strengthened, making our power one that can be unstoppable.”